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XTension Version 9.4.5

Released: 6/27/2018

Download: XTension v9.4.5 (build 985) 6/27/2018
zipfile md5 = 7fb89489003d8c0ba0b7a0d78a12ee70

The 9.4 release had several new features and user interface changes for the better. Please see the version 9.4 release notes for more info.

this is a maintenance release for version 9.4.4. Anyone running 9.4.4 should update to 9.4.5.

Change Log

  • FIX: solved a problem when loading or saving the preferences window on some machines.
  • NEW: The alien address window will now show the device type in the address column so that you know what kind of unit the command was destined for.
  • NEW: Clicking the Make Unit button in the Alien Address window will now properly set the device type popup based on the address info. Previously you had to set this manually. Note that it still can’t know if the desired unit was dimmable or not, you still have to set that.
  • FIX: NoOp commands were being logged for Vera devices and potentially others even if they were otherwise properly handled. NoOp commands willno longer be logged incorrectly.
  • Improvements in the error recovery of the Shared Units system introduced in 9.4.4. If the receiving machine goes away or disables and re-enables the connection it will retry until the connection is up again. There is still work to be done here but we’re approaching an actual release capability for this beta feature.
  • NEW: on the Vera interface the display on the Edit Unit window will now properly show the name of the unit as it is in the Vera. The send XTension name to Vera is now enabled also. If you click the button XTension will attempt to rename the unit in the Vera to the same name as in XTension. Keep in mind the limitations for length inside the Vera though. The name may be truncated.

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