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XTension Version 9.3.11

Released: 2/16/2018

Download: XTension v9.3.11 (build 976) 2/16/2018
zipfile md5 = 72dbf0cbbbfd56cc4c46876bf64072d8

Change Log

  • Beta level support for the new Vera UI7 version protocol. This will enable a lot of the features of the newer Vera ZWave Plus functionality. It adds support for Central Scene capable devices as well as new Thermostat controls. Please read at least the start of the wiki article on it and carefully follow the 3 steps of the conversion process to turn your existing Vera units into new vera units! There is a very important but simple workflow and if you don’t do it that way you’re dooming yourself to a lot of manual unit editing that you can otherwise avoid. In the event that you have a problem (it’s been running my house for 2 weeks without any more bugs being found) it will make a database backup and you can replace the converted database with that at any time. But don’t do so without detailing to me exactly what happened! Let me re-iterate, read the start of that linked wiki article and do what it tells you. You can always replace your database with the backed up one, but you’ll be doing a huge amount of manual editing if you don’t follow those instructions. Just do it that way please!
  • I removed the fix from the last version where I was updating the Vera units preset level if a local change was received from the Vera. I remembered why I hadn’t done that in the first place, mainly that the Vera can sometimes send an interim dim level half way through a slow fade and you don’t actually want that level to become the new preset level in XTension.
  • Cleaned up dimmable type handling for Vera and other units. If a unit is “simple” dimmable then XTension will assume that sending it an ON turns it all the way on. Setting it to “smart” means that the unit is expected to be in sync with XTEnsion and an ON will be sent and the database will go to the last ON level that we know about. “Simulated” units will not ever be sent a raw ON command but instead will be sent a dim to the value that XTEnsion thinks is the most recent value.
  • Permissions are now preserved when installing an XTension plugin. This way you can install a plugin that contains binary executables and they will still be marked executable when they get placed inside the database.
  • Added some new “natural” sort code when sorting a unit list by address. Hopefully this will fix the silly sorting when an address list contains both numerical and alphanumeric address codes.
  • Lots of new error reporting for AppleScripts that might be hung up. If you’re ever seeing the errors about a script holding out the system for more than 10 seconds and the queues being re-enabled this will output the script stack at that point so that we can see exactly the thread of script execution that led to the problem. Once that message is received things can get very strange as a script it outstanding in the background. Linearity of script execution can no longer be assured after that happens. This will help you track down just what is happening in the scripts to cause that error.
  • If you happen to be in that script error state and an applescript component rollover happens (this is a bug in AppleScript where some internal tables leak and an app that can stay running for months or years like XTension will eventually run out of table space and cause applescript to refuse to run anymore scripts.) it could cause a hang or a crash if a script was still outstanding. In this version if this is happening to you the component rollover will be delayed until the script completes or until you can read out the script stack mentioned above to me so that we can continue to debug the problem.
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