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XTension Version 9.2

Released: 4/7/2017

Download: XTension v9.2 (build 959) 4/2/2017

Change Log

  • FIX: units loaded after their “multiple interfaces” inputs have been deleted no longer result in errors in the log.
  • FIX: command key and option key short cuts now work properly when controlling the app over Apple Remote Desktop and VNC.
  • FIX: new log window no longer changes the background color of rows when removing rows off the top of the list.
  • FIX: thisUnit and thisInterface verbs are now properly reset after an idle time excession error.
  • NEW: Phillips Hue Hub will not error when there are no bulbs yet linked to the hub.
  • NEW: Phillips Hue Hub can noe handle the situation where multiple hubs are on the same local subnet. You can choose from a popup menu of all discovered hubs when setting up the interface.
  • NEW: Improvements in the error logging of the Phillips Hue Hub system when the hub is not responding or otherwise not available on the network.
  • NEW: Support for sensors and remote controls on the Phillips hue hub. If you have motion sensors or remote controls they will automatically show up in XTension.
  • NEW: Any units discovered on the Phillips Hue Hub will automatically create units in XTension.
  • FIX: fixed a bug where the handler in a DIY interface script was called after the “value” was set to the “future value” so now the script is run the same as any other ON script. To find the new value that the unit has been requested to go to check the future value verb, and to find the current value of the unit use the simple value of verb.
  • Removed logging of “update received for” events when the unit is already at the same level as the update that is received.
  • Changed the preferences window to allow for a manual setting of the log line scrollback count. If you wish to save more than 100k lines you can now select “other” and enter in any multiple of 1k that you like. NOTE that the input is in k, or thousands, and not single lines. Entering 200 is actually saving 200,000 individual log lines.
  • NEW: The currently cached log file is saved to disk and restored upon restarting so you can view log lines prior to the last restart in the log window as well as filter and search through them. Log lines prior to the current session are drawn with a slightly darkened background so you can more easily see what is this session and what was prior sessions.
  • NEW: an entirely new and custom build unit list window. You shouldn’t notice any differences except that dragging and dropping and other such things are more reliable now. The scrolling and resizing of the window should be faster and less likely to throw a random error to the log. This was a larger project than you might suspect so if you see strange behavior in the new unit list window please let me know. Unless the changed behavior actually makes more sense than the previous behavior, in which case it’s a fix and not a problem ;)
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