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XTension Version 9.3.10

Released: 2/2/2018

Download: XTension v9.3.10 (build 975) 2/3/2018
zipfile md5 = 8b1046976e105b5f6ecd1ef78547eafc

Change Log

  • Fixed a regression in the last release where the web remote control “unit description as text” would not update when the units description was changed while the page was being viewed.
  • Fixed another situation where the Advanced Labelsystem with multi-byte characters could result in garbage being displayed in the value column of the list windows.
  • Animated Gauges will now properly display if an XTension view containing them is viewed on the Mobile Web Remote.
  • New graph loading system is now implemented for the mobile web remote as well meaning that when viewing an XTension View they won’t show the occasional broken image link rather than the graph.
  • Further optimizations to the web remotes to reduce latency and increase the speed that the pages will be ready to use when loading.
  • If you are still getting an error when compiling a script and the cursor has just disappeared then it’s likely that you have hit another High Sierra bug where it inserts some seemingly random multi-byte characters into the text you’re typing. AppleScript will not allow these sorts of things when compiling and throws errors, but since the characters are not printable the highlighted error doesn’t actually display. If this happens please report the following information. Before you click in the window after the failed check syntax click on the “options” menu, thats the gear menu at the upper right of the edit script window toolbar, and select “show selection as hex” it will show the byte values for the selected error and then email that info to me so that I can filter for that eventuality in future builds. Once you’re recorded the values then just hit the delete key once to delete them from the script and try checking syntax again. Repeat until there aren’t any left and the script passes the check syntax.
  • If you have an applescript that makes use of the AppleScript to ObjC bridge you may get errors when trying to edit the script as pointers to Objc structures cannot be saved in a script and therefore I cannot make a clone of the script for you to edit. This version may still log an error if this happens but will properly present you with the script for editing rather than an empty screen.
  • Fixed a problem on the web remote where the One Hour Motion control may have thrown a javascript error if the page was reloading automatically after waking up the client machine.
  • If you have “dont log updates for this unit” turned on in the Avdanced tab of the edit unit dialog and use the Change Future Value verb the change will not be logged. Previously that verb was ignoring that setting.
  • Because of the new glacial slowness of saving the database on High Sierra machines the database will be saved piecemeal as necessary in the background reducing the number of files needing to be updated during the regular database saves. This should make things usually almost the same as it was before you updated your machine and will make things more crash or other problem resistant as you’ll loose potentially less data if there is a problem.
  • Receiving a local value change from a Vera or other device will properly update XTension’s preset so if you’re using the lamp as a smart or simulated device it will set the new value properly.
  • New: Added Remove HTML Tags verb.
  • Fix: The log format was not saved when changing away from RTF format. Upon the next restart the log would revert to RTF format. The log format selection is now properly saved.
  • If you had outstanding load url requests at quit you might have received errors in the log complaining about killing those threads. This version may still log errors under some circumstances but any outstanding loadurl requests are cancelled properly at quit.
  • More tweaking of the High Sierra fix. I’ve reduced the timeout to 3 seconds, so it may happen more often during long script execution but it will reduce latency during those periods of problems with High Sierra.
  • New: Added Combined Setpoint Thermostat controls to Views and both web remotes. These have only a single setpoint and not a separate heat and cool setpoint. This seems to be the new standard for Vera thermostats with the new interface system but other devices may work better with this interface as well.
  • New: When using either Thermostat control in a view or in the web remote you can now click on the setpoint display to edit it in an editfield via the keyboard rather than using the increment/decrement buttons. If you need to change it a lot this may be useful, it will also let you enter a decimal number where the buttons always increase or decrease by 1, so if the setpoint was set to 75.5 you could not set it to 75 but only 75.5 before.
  • Fix: re-implemented the “show temperature inline” to the mobile web remote for thermostat controls. You can now select that in the edit window for the thermostat controls and the live current temperature will be displayed in the list where you would click to display the entire thermostat control. This has been missing since the major Mobile Web Remote rebuild a while back.
  • Fix: New Phillips Hue devices that had their units added automatically where throwing errors and left themselves in an incomplete state where the address was in use but they would not show up in lists. This is now fixed and new phillips hue devices will appear and work normally.
  • New: XTension can now regularly check for available updates. No update will ever be downloaded or installed automatically on you, but it will popup a window and make a log entry if an update is available. You can turn this on and off and select how often you want to check for updates (default is once a week) No identifying information is sent to the server, it’s simply a request for a JSON file that contains the latest info.
  • New: You can now share some anonymous info about your system with us automatically. This also has no identifying info. It contains things like how many units you have, how many scripts, how many interfaces and what they are. It also includes the versions of the various interfaces and of any plugins that you might have installed. By default this is sent once a week. You can turn it off in the preferences if you don’t wish to share that info. You can also see exactly what info is being sent by clicking the “show data” button in the preferences. It will let us know which interfaces are the most used by people and what OS versions are most common and that sort of thing. It will help us allocate time to know what people are most using.
  • New: Alpha level support for the new UI7 protocol from Vera. This should fix some problems we’re seeing with newer thermostat and other devices where they have not added the new info to the older system of talking to the Vera. This is a total re-write and I have not used it enough to know all it’s quirks and such. at this moment there is no way to migrate your current units to or away from the new interface this will come when it’s officially released in the future but for now this is for people who are having trouble with the old protocol so we can verify that things are working better or at least not worse with the new one. You can create a second interface with the new VeraUI7 device type and it will create all new units for testing which you can then delete and properly migrate your old units when its all ready. This is not included in the package but will be a separate plugin download and install that will require this XTension version. I will announce that later on when I’ve finalized some of the documentation for that.

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