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XTension Version 9.4.3

Released: 4/30/2018

Download: XTension v9.4.3 (build 982) 4/22/2018
zipfile md5 = fd376e644d3feb1d745849639d578dbd

The 9.4 release had several new features and user interface changes for the better. Please see the version 9.4 release notes for more info.

Change Log

  • NEW: contextual handlers added to the Mobile Web Remote. See the manual about Extending The User Interface for more info. The contextual script handlers are now shown on the Mobile Web Remote unit control pages.
  • New command to send to the Vera UI7 remote to collect the initial user data for debugging purposes. The command is: tell xInterface “name of Vera Interface” to saveUserData() that will save the entire database dump from the Vera to a file on the desktop that you can email to me if there are devices that aren’t being handled properly.
  • NEW: Custom colors for motion report displays. In the event that you can’t easily distinguish between red and green in a motion report there is now the ability to customize the various threshold colors. 3 defaults are included for the standard, red/green avoidance and greyscale versions. It also offers the ability to display them like a bar graph so there is a visual representation of the amount of motion in addition to the color. These changes are available in the Display tab of the XTension preferences window. They work in Views in the app as well as in the Web Remote. Both the 1-hour mini-reports and the 24 hour report. If you have a web interface page open when changing the preferences in XTension you will have to reload it.
  • Fibraro brand light sensors now work with the Vera UI7 interface. Other brands of light sensors may work also where they didn’t before. This is generic support for another Vera service that I had previously not implemented.
  • Fibraro ZWave temperature sensors and others that use the same service will now be properly recognized and update their units in XTension.
  • Fix: Previously in the Interface column of the list windows some interfaces might show a yellow error indicator when they were actually working just fine. The interfaces will now show their proper status.
  • Fix: Previously the Web Interface might have logged an error and reloaded itself after you switched away from a motion report page. This now works as expected without reloading.
  • Several small optimizations to both the mobile and desktop web remotes that should result in slightly faster loading and operation.
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