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XT Remove Data

This is a debugging tool and should not be used under normal circumstances as it has the potential to corrupt the database entry for a Unit. There are some cases where it can be useful however and is very useful when developing plugins.

This is not a traditional Apple Script verb, nor is it a property of the xUnit class but is a “handler” in the global space and so must be wrapped in a tell block. It operates on the low level data of the database for the unit. You must first know the key of the database value you wish to remove. See the logDebugData command for more info on showing the entirety of the database for a specific unit.

The command can be used to remove keys from the Unit’s database record like this:

tell xUnit “name of unit” to xtRemoveData( “the database key”)

This command can be in a regular global or other script or issued from the command line.

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