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Log Debug Data

The Log Debug Data command is a debugging command and also possibly useful when developing plugins. When working on particular problems I may ask you to issue this command and email me the output.

The command writes 2 sections of data to the log window. The first are the active values of most internal variables as stored in the xUnit object, the second portion begins with the log line “all data as saved:” and contains all values in the on disk database.

The command is not part of the regular AppleScript dictionary nor part of the xUnit class but is a handler so it needs to be called from a tell block like:

tell xUnit “name of unit” to logDebugData()

In addition to the script command above you can generate the same output by holding the Option key down while right clicking on the Unit in any list window. Additional debugging and development options are added to the bottom of the popup menu in that case. Selecting Log Debug Data does the same thing as the scripting command above.

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