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Edit Unit Window - XTdb Tab

The XTdb tab contains the unit history and the controls for setting how the information is stored in the XTdb database. XTdb is a separate program that provides automatic saving of all value changes for units as well as graphing and other historical data display. It also provides motion reports for the web remote displays.

  • Last 24 hours these values are calculated when the window is opened and represent the last 24 hours. Duty Cycle, Runtime, the Average Value, the max and the min values in the last 24 hours are shown there. You can refresh this data at any time by clicking on the triangle to the left of the display and selecting “Refresh”. The rest of the information in this display is about the Database records showing you how many records there are, how much disk space this units records are taking up, how large the index is and when the first and last record currently in the database are.

  • Save data from this unit By default XTdb saves all updates from all units forever. You can tell XTdb not to save any data for this unit at all by unchecking this checkbox. Note that changes made to this checkbox are immediately live and do not wait for you to click save or cancel to make them real.

  • Save data for how long to save the data in XTdb. If a selection is other than “Forever” then each night at midnight any data older than that time frame is deleted from the database. Again changes to this popup’s value are live immediately and will not be removed if you click cancel for saving the unit. No data is erased until just after midnight however so you have time to go back in and change it back if you need to.

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