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As of this writing Radio Shack is still selling some of these schlage link wired IP cams for quite good prices. Though we cannot use the full feature set, no info on audio or talk back yet, you can use these with Video Pitcher without having a schlage account to activate them if you get one that has recent firmware. The one I bought just worked upon powerup.

First you need to get it a static IP address. If you’re running an Airport then you can view the DHCP client list in the setup utility, if you’re using some other router for your internet access then you are on your own finding it. After powering up and connecting the camera you’ll see a new entry in the list with a DHCP id beginning in SC and a couple of other letters and numbers. You can use that ID in the airport setup utility to reserve an IP address for it, restart the camera and you should be able to access it. Though Radio Shack also has some of the wireless ones I have no idea if they can be configured without a schlage account.

To test the link you should be able to get a picture by visiting:


that is the same link that you’ll use to set it up in Video Pitcher. Use the generic jpeg refresh camera template. Default was no password needed on my system. Then restart XTension and X2Web and you should be good to go to view it over the web interface or use it in views in XTension.

if you have to update the firmware there is a terrific thread on the homeseer boards with details on that here:

Doing a port scan on the cam I see that beyond the web port port 554/rtsp as well as port 8103 and port 10087 are open on the device. Those last 2 probably relate to the 2 way audio capability of the device. If anybody sees any info on this on the web anywhere or has any thoughts please let us know.

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