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Putting a Serial UPB PIM on a Wiznet Ethernet Adaptor

XTension supports both a local serial connection to the UPB interface or a remote TCP connection. However the UPB interface itself is not directly compatible with the most readily available ethernet/serial adaptor card that we use for so many other such applications. In order to use the UPB pim on a Wiznet card some user modifications are necessary.

The UPB Powerline Interface module requires 5v to the DTR pin in order to power it’s internal serial level shifters. The Wiznet ethernet/serial adaptors dont allow for control of this pin or dont provide enough current to drive the PIM. It’s possible to alter the wiznet card to supply this though and make the PIM work reliably over an ethernet connection. Thanks to Jeff Wooding for figuring out this on the wiznet cards!

note that this connects the DTR directly to the power input so make sure you’re using a 5v adaptor and not a 9 or 12v adaptor. It is within the RS232 spec to go up to 12v I believe, but 5v is tested and works.

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