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Mavericks and Mavericks Server

XTension runs great on Mavericks and Mavericks Server. There are a few things you must do though.

Turn off App Nap

App Nap is a new feature of Mavericks that stops giving applications in the background any CPU cycles to save power and battery. This is find if you’ve just switched away from your word processor, but will basically stop all your automation if you walk away from the machine! To turn it off you must do a “get info” in the Finder for each application you want to stay running (XTension, X2Web, XTdb, Video Pitcher, etc…) and in the info panel is a checkbox labeled “disable app nap” turn that on. This does not seem to apply to apps that are already running, so if they are running when you change that you must quit them and restart them for it to take effect. This is probably the most important thing to do.

Verify your USB drivers

If you have USB/Serial drivers or other USB devices make sure there are drivers available that are tested to run on 10.9. The FTDI drivers for our most used USB/Serial adaptors work great on Mavericks.


X2Web requires no changes to work on Mavericks, but you may have to re-run the “install apache config” from the File menu if you’re getting raw source in the browser. Just select the “10.5 and later” as the setting.

Mavericks Server

XTension also runs great on Mavericks Server. There are no changes for the basic app necessary at all but I did notice a few things that you should be aware of.

Restart After A Power Failure

on my machine after the install of server all the power settings had reset to a default. So my machine ran a few days without the “restart after a power failure” checkbox turned on. So go back in and verify that your machine isn’t set to go to sleep and that it will restart if there is a power failure.

Auto Log In

It also reset my auto login settings. XTension cannot run without a user logged in and after I restarted nothing was working because the machine was sitting at the login screen. You may need to reset the auto-login after the install of server.

X2Web Changes for Server

Because Server changes significantly the configuration of Apache you will need to re-install the apache config from X2Web’s file menu. First you need to use the Server app to create a default website (or other website if you want to link it to a specific domain name) but what I did was to change the default websites documents directory to be the same as it was in the old version so I didn’t have to move any files around. So in the Server settings you can select /Library/WebServer/Documents as the documents directory for the default website. Then in the advanced tab you need to turn on CGI application support.

Now you need to actually create the CGI-Executables folder where server wants it. In my setup it did not create this automatically. Under the Finders “GO” menu select “go to folder” and enter “/Library/Server/Web/Data”

If that folder already has a “CGI-Executables” folder then you’re good, otherwise create one in the finder with that name.

Now you can switch back to X2Web and select “Install Apache Config” from the File menu.

“Unix Path to your cgi-bin folder” should be “/Library/Server/Web/Data/CGI-Executables” “Unix path to Apache User Include” should be “/Library/Server/Web/Config/apache2/other”

After X2Web installs verify that the application was actually copied into the new CGI-Executables folder by looking for a folder called “X2Web” inside that first path. If the folder was not created then you will need to copy and paste it manually from the old location at /Library/WebServer/CGI-Executables folder.

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