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Rain Buckets

  • RGR918
  • RGR682
  • RGR126

Oregon scientific rain buckets may be received by XTension with an RFX Comm receiver. They send 3 different messages and require the creation of 3 units in XTension for Rainfall which is the rain falling right now, more of a rainfall rate. It will be zero if no rain is falling right now and sends 999 if it thinks someone is messing with the rain bucket causing the flipper inside to dance too fast. Flipcount is similar to the rainfall in that it will be zero if nothing is happening and counts the number of flips since it last reported if it is raining. Total Rainfall is a running total and only increases. To calculate the real amount of rainfall since it last changed you'd want to subtract the last reading from the new reading. FIXME how to convert these to real measurements.

When you put batteries in the rain bucket or hit the reset button the device will select a new unique address and begin sending updates to XTEnsion. If you have no units created yet you'll just see measurements for an unassigned address in the log. Find the Address that your unit has selected either from the log or from the Alien Addresses window. Create 3 units with the same address assigned to the RFX interface and for device type select rainfall, total rainfall, and flipcount. Once saved these units will begin to receive updates from the devices.

This graph of an on and off rainy day from here shows the relationship between total rainfall in red and just rainfall in blue. rainfall vs total rainfall

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