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Home Seer FC200 Fan Controller

The Home Seer FC200 ZWave Plus fan controller is capable of 4 fan speeds and all the same gesture information as the WD200+ dimmer. You can also individually control the color of it’s 4 LED’s. See that article for more info on capturing the central scene output and setting the colors of the LED’s

By default the FC200 ships with only 3 fan speeds as that seems to be the default for other devices. You can turn on the 4 speeds by issuing this command from XTension’s command line:

tell xUnit “name of the fan controller unit” to setData( 5, 1, 1)

or setData( 5, 1, 0) to set it back to 3 speed mode.

Another nice feature of this speed controller is that the max amps of the fans is 2.5 amps. This is higher than some other fan speed controllers I have used. If you’re maxing that out for multiple fans then you may find the low speed a little comical and you’re going to want to definitely enable the 4 speeds so you can get a decent medium speed out of it.

ZWave Paramters

This table is reproduced from the documentation for the switch available on the HomeSeer site. Please verify that your controller is of a firmware version that is compatible with this information before using the setData command or at the very least it will do nothing and at the worst you could brick your switch.

3Sets the bottom LED operation (in normal mode)10=Bottom LED ON if load is OFF, 1=Bottom LED OFF is load is OFF1
4Set switch orientation10=normal paddle direction, 1=inverted paddle orientation0
5Changes between 3 or 4 speed control10=3 Speeds, 1=4 Speeds0
13LED Indicator Mode10=Normal (leds show load status or speed), 1=status mode (individual LED Control)0
14LED Color while in normal mode1valid values from 0-6. 0=White, 1=Red, 2=Green, 3=Blue, 4=Magenta, 5=Yellow, 6=Cyan0
21Status Mode Color for LED 1(bottom)1valid values 0-7. 0=Off, 1=Red, 2=Green, 3=Blue, 4=Magenta, 5=Yello, 6=Cyan0
22Status Mode Color for LED 2
23Status Mode Color for LED 3
24Status Mode Color for LED 4
30Blink frequency for ALL Leds in Status Mode1valid values 0, 1-255. 0=Steady, 1=100ms ON then 100ms OFF0
31Bitmask to set which LED’s to blink1bit0=LED 1, bit1=LED 2, bit2=LED 3, bit3=LED 40
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