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Set Params of

Set the unit type variables for a named Unit or Group. These are most of the parameters that you would otherwise set in the Unit Setup Dialog.


set params of (text, name of Unit)

Optional Parameters:

dimmable (true/false) (dimmable can hold numbers, non-dimmable just on/off)
simulate (true/false)
smart (true/false)
wireless (true/false) (this is a deprecated param)
passThru (true/false) (use ONLY with Legacy Database support, deprecated)
reverse (true/false) (reverse logic)
receive (true/false) (receive only)
single (true/false) (Single click on Icon to toggle state)
security (true/false) (this is a deprecated param)
interface (text, name of the interface the unit is assigned to)


set params of "lamp" dimmable true simulate true single false

or, exactly the same but different applescript phraseology

set params of "lamp" with dimmable with simulate without single

or to set or change an interface as would be necessary if you created a unit via the create unit verb…

set params of "new unit" interface "name of your interface"


  • Some of these settings are for legacy databases only.
  • Not all unit params are available here for the new database yet such as device type or device specific settings like temperature format on Oregon Scientific sensors.
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