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Turn Off

Turns off a real unit, group or pseudo.


turn off “name of the unit”
turnoff is OK too.

Optional Parameters:

  • in (integer) If specified an event will be created to turn the device off in this number of seconds.
  • at (date) Like the in parameter, an Apple Script date when you would like the unit to turn off.
  • for (integer) Like the in parameter, if specified an event will be created to return the unit to it’s current state after this number of seconds. If you also specify an in or at parameter then this second event will be this number of seconds after the first one.
  • until (date) like the for parameter, an applescript date when you like the unit to return to it’s current state)
  • rate (number) The number of seconds you wish the transition to take. You may specify a fractional number of seconds such as 0.2 or 7.5. Not all devices support a rate parameter.
  • with no script (stops the ON or OFF script from running)
  • with no transmit (updates the database but doesn't actually send the command)


--send an off for Kitchen Overhead right now
turnoff "Kitchen Overhead"
--create a scheduled event that will turn off the light in 30 minutes
turnoff "Kitchen Overhead" in (30 * minutes)
--do a slow fade to off
turnoff “Bedroom Overhead” rate 5 * minutes


The command will do nothing if the unit is Blocked.

When using the “for” or “until” parameters the unit will return to it’s current state when this command was issued. If the unit is already off when you send this then the second event created will also turn the unit off. For more information on using these commands see the Motion Controlled Light tutorial.

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