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Sim Preset

Sets the internal preset level for the device as well as any color or color temperature data that you specify without changing the current settings of the device. If the unit is set to the “Simulated” dimmable type then this information will be used in the next On command or dim/bright command in the case of the color and color temperature data.

Any Simulated device that is turned On will actually be sent a dim or brighten command with the last saved preset level and color data.


sim preset (text) Name of the unit. to (number) New preset value

Color Support

  • rgb color (standard HTML color string) 6 characters with the hex RGB values for the levels of the red green and blue. “RRGGBB” This is the preferred way to set a device color. “FF0000” would be full red, “00FF00” full green and “0000FF” full blue. After setting this via the sim preset command the next ON or dim/brighten you send to the device will include this color and color mode.
  • color temperature (number) Mired color temperature. The available range of this will differ for different types of devices but will be in the range of 2000 to 50000. 2700 is a “warm” white, 3500 is a “bright” or halogen white, 5000 to 6000 is a “daylight” white. Once setting this with the sim preset command the next on or dim/brighten that XTension sends to the device will include this information.
  • hue/saturation an alternate way of specifying the color of a device.
  • xvalue/yvalue another alternate way of specifying the color.
  • color preset (number [1-8]) sets the internal preset value to the settings of the indexed preset in the Unit.


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