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If a device supports a blink or other special display command it can be sent using the blink command. Devices known to support this command are UPB devices and Phillips Hue bulbs


blink “name of the unit”
rate depending on the specific requirements this may be a number or a text description of the effect, see below.
value if the device supports it the level at which to blink the device
count if supported by the device the count of blinks to perform
RGB Color if supported by the device the color to which to blink the device

Rate Parameter:

The rate parameter differs depending on the specific device you are controlling.

  • UPB devices require a number which is the rate at which the blinking will occur.
  • Phillips Hue bulbs can accept three different text strings to control their special effect:
    • “select” causes the lamp to produce a single flash and return to it’s current color and level
    • “lselect” causes the lamp to blink for about 30 seconds called “long select“
    • “colorloop” begins color looping at the current dim level
    • “none” cancels either the “lselect” or “colorloop” effects


blink “name of UPB device” rate 10
blink “name of Hue device” rate “lselect”
blink “name of Hue device” rate “colorloop”
blink “name of Hue device” rate “none”


The blink command was originally added to the XTension dictionary for support of the UPB blink effect. It is now used to setup special effects or other features of various kinds of devices. Not all plugin support for this command may be documented here, check the specific plugin documentation.

The value, count and color parameters were added in XTension 9.4.31 in June of 2020.

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