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XTension Version 9.3.3

Released: 8/11/2017

Download: XTension v9.3.3 (build 967) 8/11/2017

NOTE: this version does not support OSX versions 10.7 or 10.8. I will do a special compile of this and other 9.3.x maintenance versions with the older compiler but these are not officially the last versions to support earlier than 10.9.

The special compile for older OS versions will be available soon.

Change Log

  • Because VNC and screen sharing doesn’t always send held modifier keys I have added a “restart and show startup options” button to the Preferences window. If you need to restart holding down the option key in order to show the detailed startup operations logging or other startup help but can’t get the option key to be recognized because of screen sharing you can press this button to restart and show the window.
  • Added language to the startup options dialog mentioned above asking that you not just rebuild your scripts without first talking to us. This is almost never the solution to any problems and is choosing the nuclear option before investigating other possibilities. This startup window is for emergency use only and is never necessary for regular maintenance or for fixing minor scripting issues.
  • Ping for the CM19 and RFXe interfaces is now implemented. Those are the ones that seem most easily to go deaf due to connection hiccups for whatever reason. If either device stops responding the interface will automatically be restarted.
  • Fix: Spacing is now correct in the Views windows for graphs that are scaled down they will no longer draw over the border of the control.
  • Fix: Unit selection popups in the Mobile Web Interface will now always be shown in in alphabetical order.
  • Battery level icons now display in the Mobile Web Interface
  • Fix: Error logged when switching some unit list windows from a retina screen to a non-retina screen.
  • New: Added the “Install Plugin” menu item to the Database menu. This will copy a downloaded plugin into your database and make it available for use.
  • Added the “show background” option to graph displays for both XTension views and the web interfaces. This would let you group several graphs or gauges together without each one showing a border.
  • More controls, but not yet all controls, on the Mobile Web Remote will resize properly after rotating your iPhone to or from landscape more.
  • Fix: Several recently added verbs did not clear the thisUnit value properly leaving it behind with the wrong value in it. This now works as expected.
  • Fix: The W800 driver will now load properly on a system with a case sensitive file system. This is an unsupported install however, this is not something we test with and there may be other potential problems hidden in there.
  • Fix: The ON and OFF script of a unit are now properly executed when issuing an xpress command.
  • Fix: Changing the multiple interface selection of a unit now properly marks the edit unit window as having changes that need to be saved.
  • New: Preliminary support in the plugin system for incoming connections, see the plugin documentation for the new commands.
  • New: If a web remote or mobile web remote session is disconnected for any reason it will now automatically continue to attempt to reconnect until it reaches the server again or you close the browser window. No more waking up the computer and having to click refresh on the browser window. Though this works on the Mobile Web Remote client too there are still situations there when locking the screen and so forth when the session cannot be re-established.
  • New: the title, back and edit buttons now float at the top of the Mobile Web Remote pages so after changing a unit in a list it is no longer necessary to scroll back to the top to hit the back button.

The Changelog and Download links for builds between 763 and 9.1 can be found here

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