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Video Camera API Plugins

The video streams plugins also provide a way to control or get more information from various camera types. This is separate from the type of streaming used and can be selected in the Camera API popup menu on each of the streaming video plugin setup windows. Any camera API can be applied to any stream type. Make sure you are selecting the correct camera control type for the actual camera. You can also select None to not attempt to add any camera controls.

Some of the settings that may be available depending on the camera might be brightness and contrast, controlling the Pan Tilt and Zoom functions and speed, going to and setting PTZ Presets and so forth.

Many of the Camera API plugins will also support getting motion, sound or other event data from the cameras as they support it.

While some functions may be shared across multiple camera types many camera control functions are unique or different in how they are used so switching from one camera to another may make it necessary to change or adjust any scripting you are doing to control the camera.

The camera API plugins are separate from the video stream receiver plugins and can be updated or added to just like any other plugin in XTension.

There are many camera types out there that work with the video plugins, if there are types that you would like to see supported by an API plugin for more control please let me know. Even better if you already know there is an API document out there for them somewhere.

Currently Supported Camera Types:

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