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Wireless Tags

a new tag, motion/presence/temperature and much more sensor is available from and now work with XTension after build #846.

Their ethernet bridge device can send changes in the tag states to XTension via the JSON interface. Their tag bridge is required to receive the signals from the tags. The configuration for the bridge has the ability to make an http request upon tag motion and this is the method to get that information into XTension.

Setting up in XTension
  • Create a new “JSON” interface in the XTension preferences.
  • select an unused high port for it to listen on.
  • create a “token” that will validate that the request comes from something you want to have control.
  • use the copy button to copy this pseudo random looking string of numbers out of the window. You'll need it later when setting up the tag http requests.
  • save and activate the interface.
  • create units in XTension that will correspond with the tag actions you want to track. Assign them to the json interface you created and give them short descriptive addresses without spaces in them. like “TAG1MOTION” or “TAG2TEMP” or something like that. That address you'll use again when setting up the tag http interface.
Settings for the tag manager
  • at log in and make sure your tags are already registered and working.
  • Each tag listed will have an “options” button and if you press that you'll find the “URL Calling” window under it.
  • There are many things here you can attach actions to that you can pass to XTension.

for a simple motion sensor turn on the “When motion is detected” the link to hit would look something like:

http://your server local address:the high port you chose to run it on/the token from above goes here/the address of the unit in XTension/on

or with some pseudo values installed:

you must also click the “This URL uses private IP address (Call from tag manager)” checkbox. This lets it talk to your box via the internal network rather than from their servers on the internet so no passthrough your network is needed, and you dont have to expose this interface to the real world either.

so the setup of the link is /token/address/[on|off|value]

note that the unit in XTension must be set as dimmable if you are planning to send a value other than on and off.

If you're using the tag as a motion sensor you'll also want to go into the motion sensor settings of the tag setup “options” menu and set it to auto-reset after as short an interval as makes sense. Otherwise the tag will not report in again until you manually reset it. Door or position sensors may not need to be reset.

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