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Network Presence

NOTE that the Network Presence plugin is deprecated in favor of the new Ping Plugin. The new plugin does not yet have the ability to ping a device by it’s MAC address. If that is a function that you still need please let me know and I’ll bump it up the priorities list.

The network presence interface will regularly scan the ARP table of the XTension machine and attempt to ping every device listed. It will automatically send online/offline commands for every MAC address on the local network.

I originally began this as a way to keep track of mobile devices presence on the network before you could so easily get good geofencing apps but it never worked well for this as iPhones will sleep for 20 minutes or more between checking in to the network and returning a ping. It’s still useful for watching as devices come on and off the network.

To monitor a unit on the local network create a unit on this interface with the MAC address as the unit address.

Internet Ping

this interface will also ping a remote IP address. If you create a unit on this interface with an IPv4 address as the Unit address instead of the MAC address it will ping that remote address and update the unit as to it’s availability or failure to return pings.

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