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Lifx make a nice list of fully color and color temperature capable bulbs and displays. They are similar to the already supported phillips hue bulbs but do not require a hub as they connect via Wifi. As of XTension 9.4.6 the Lifx support is in beta and not feature complete. We support changing the level, color and color temperature of any device but we do not support reading changes back from the bulbs that you might make from their iOS app or other interface to the bulbs. We support controlling the entirety of their display devices but not setting up waving or other interesting displays. These bulbs are also available in higher wattage versions than the philips hue bulbs and can provide very bright and useful lighting in addition to their color and color temperature capabilities.

They also have bulbs that include IR led’s to turn on for security camera illumination. The current beta version does not support controlling these led’s but we will.

NOTE: It is recommended that you create a DHCP reservation for your LIFX bulbs as the plugin can fail to reconnect with them if they receive a different address. If this happens you need to just disable and re-enable the interface to pick them up again. By giving them a DHCP reservation in your router they will always keep the same IP address and avoid this issue.


Create a new interface in XTension and select the “Lifx” plugin from the popup. No other settings are necessary. Once you enable the new interface any bulbs that are discovered on the local network will appear as units in XTension. The detailed unit controls in both the application and on the web and mobile web remotes will show you the color and color temperature controls as well as the normal light level controls.


  • Lifx device support was added in XTension 9.4.6 in beta
  • Version 1.1 was included with XTension 9.4.13 and fixed a problem that made the lights unresponsive after their DHCP addresses were changed until you restarted the interface.
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