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Force On

Forces a unit to turn on regardless of the blocking status of the unit.


force on “Bedroom Overhead”

Optional Parameters:

in (integer, creates a scheduled event to force on the unit in this many seconds)
at (date, like the in parameter, an applescript date of when you wish to force on the device)

for (integer, creates a scheduled event to force off the unit in this many seconds)
until (date, like the for parameter, an applescript date when you wish the device to it’s current state)

rate (integer, if supported by the device a ramp rate will be included in the command)

with no script (does not execute the ON script of the unit)
with no transmit (the database will be updated, but no command will be sent)


--force the bedroom light on even if it's blocked
force on "bedroom overhead" for 5


This verb provides a method to turn on a device regardless of whether the device has been “blocked”.

This verb is included for logical completeness and failsafe.

This verb does not affect the blocked state of the unit.

see Turn On and Turn Off for other options

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